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A dispute within a family is a delicate matter: Besides the need to reach a legal resolution, there is also the desire to do so in a way that doesn't damage your relationships. This is especially important when children are involved, since they benefit so much from a stable family environment.

In New York, family court is the appropriate venue for domestic issues ranging from juvenile delinquency to adoption to domestic violence. Based in Garden City, The Law Office of Amy Sklar can help you obtain the outcome you're seeking through settlement or litigation in a wide range of New York Family Court cases.

Resolving Disagreements Between Parents

Parents will inevitably disagree on important questions about raising their children. Those disagreements can be especially challenging when the parents have gone through a divorce, or never married in the first place.

  • Child custody and visitation: We will help you maintain a healthy relationship with your child, whether that means pushing for a greater share of custody, or compelling the other parent to step up and do his or her fair share to help raise your child.
  • Enforcement proceedings: Just because you've reached an agreement on paper doesn't mean your ex-partner will honor it. We'll show you how to use the family court system to compel a family member to respect child custody, child support and other formal arrangements you've previously made.
  • College contributions: College can be a huge expense, and it's important that both parents come to an agreement on exactly how much each will contribute — just like child support, but for older children. With our help, you'll determine what is a fair balance in your case, and we'll do everything possible to make this balance a reality.

Face Your Family Hurdles With An Experienced Lawyer At Your Side

Your family life is too important to make big decisions based on your best guesses about New York's complicated legal system. To see how The Law Office of Amy Sklar can help you navigate the family court system, contact us online or call us at 516-307-4690 to schedule a free consultation with an attorney in Garden City.

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