The Law Office of Amy Sklar

An Experienced Family Law Attorney Serving Nassau and Suffolk Counties

The Law Office of Amy Sklar

An Experienced Family Law Attorney Serving Nassau and Suffolk Counties

Speak With An Experienced Domestic Violence Attorney

If you believe a family member or romantic partner intends to physically hurt you, a court-issued order of protection is an extremely useful tool for your self-defense. If you are in immediate danger, you should call 911 for assistance.

If you have time to assess your options, though, it’s worth it to speak with an experienced domestic violence attorney to see if an order of protection is right for you. When your safety is at stake, The Law Office of Amy Sklar will help you navigate the court’s paperwork and bureaucracy as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our Garden City, New York, law office uses more than 30 years of experience to help clients in Nassau and Suffolk counties navigate the legal system.

How Can Family Court Protect Me?

In New York, orders of protection can be issued by criminal courts, supreme courts and family courts. Family courts can issue orders of protection when the threat of violence comes from a current or former spouse, someone with whom you have a child in common, a family member related by blood or marriage, or a person with you whom you have had an intimate relationship (which includes some nonsexual relationships).

An order of protection cannot guarantee your safety, but it will give your hostile family member a strong legal incentive to respect your wishes by creating penalties for violating them. An order of protection can compel someone to:

  • Stay away from you and your children
  • Move out of your home
  • Follow custody orders
  • Pay child support
  • Not have a gun

We can also help you put distance between yourself and a violent partner through divorce proceedings, child custody negotiations, and other family law matters.

Your Safety Is Too Important To Wait

The sooner you retain an experienced lawyer, the sooner you can put the law to work for you. Tell us your story by contacting us online or calling 516-307-1440 to schedule a free consultation.